Engines / mech parts

Our team specializes in identifying the Correct Engines, Transmissions and other Mechanical Parts for your vehicles. We develop detailed understanding of aspects like Vehicle Mileage, Physical Condition, Budget are taken into account before extending any proposal to you

Electrical parts

We Guarantee 100% transparency every time you deal with us. We supply pre-tested electrical auto equipment to our clients. So when you order any electrical auto part from us, you order a used part with a very good life span and you don't worry about replacing it anytime sooner

Interior/Exterior Body Parts

We search through the inventory of hundreds of Salvage Yards around you to find the perfect match for your car's body part requirement. Our team has a proven track record of finding the exact body color part 9 / 10 Times

How Does It Work?

Online Salvage Auto Team specializes in finding used auto parts from used cars, trucks, vans etcetera. Once we receive your request, our team works of finding an exact match to your requirement on lowest price available

Our Priority is to find a vendor in your local area that can supply the required products to you. This allows us reduce the shipping cost on product delivery and provides post delivery service assurance to you

With over 4,800 used auto parts dealers in our database, you're sure to find multiple matches to your requirement. We cover salvage yards in all the 50 states

Salvage Auto Yard